Yachting Boracay is not currently operating. We are too busy with our spa Bella Isa. The yacht and business are for sale. Please get in touch if interested.
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The ultimate Boracay sailing experience

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Discover the Perfect Sunset aboard the Tamarind Yacht

You deserve a fine day of pampering on these crystal blue waters, don’t you?

sailing in boracay
Picture yourself with your friends and loved ones together on a yacht. A fine breeze sweeps across your warm skin, your favorite drink in your hand. The sails open up above you with a snap, and off you go, cruising on your very own adventure. Your favorite music is wafting through the sound system behind you. You look to your left to see the palm tree fringed islands. You look right to see the open sea, the clouds reflected in the water.

You’ll be seated comfortably on The Tamarind, a 45’ luxury yacht in Boracay. She’s equipped with Wi-fi, a restroom, snorkel gear and a very skilled crew of people dedicated to showing you a great time, as well as a safe time.

You’ll be picked up on the pristine white sands of White Beach and tenderly tendered out to your yacht where you’ll experience great food, plenty to drink and a warm hospitality that will create memories for a lifetime. We’ll even help you take your photos for you. You know, the ones you’ll be sending to all your jealous friends back home. Sound okay? Let’s do this!

We can also set up your spa time at Bella Isa, the currently number one rated spa in Boracay. Your pickup point is actually right in front Bella Isa on the famous White Beach. That’s because we also own the spa. So, it’s our business to help create great moments for you while on this beautiful island, and now its beautiful waters. We definitely know how to make this extra-special for you and yours.

If this sounds like an experience for you please contact us when you’re ready. We’re ready for you!

Team Tamarind and Team Bella Isa

 Boracay Sailing Packages:

  • Sunset Fantasy! A Three Hour Cruise: 3250 per Person (Min. 4 Persons. Max. 20 Persons) Click below for details…
  • Day Tripper, Yeah! A Five Hour Brunch Cruise: 4850 per Person (Min. 4 Persons. Max. 20 Persons) Click below for details…
  • I Want it All! Eight Hours of Nirvana and Adventure: 6850 per Person (Min. 4 Persons. Max. 20 Persons) Click below for details…

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